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adding new plants
I need your help-I am growing Basil and Flat Leaf Parsley currently. The Lamp is extended to the top. Can I add a new spice like Cilantro to this existing garden?
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Gisette, Thank you for your
Gisette, Thank you for your thoughts...I thought that the light might be a problem...I will wait to grow the cilantro. I am growing basil and parsley right now...very successfully!
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Hi, Suszua, welcome. It's

Hi, Suszua, welcome.

It's tricky to add a new plant-from-seed to an existing garden, because the baby won't get enough light. If you could maybe juryrig starting the plant under another light, or in a bottle, so it's closer to the lights, then transfer it into a hole when it's established-but-not-too-big-to-get-roots-into-hole, that might work. Cilantro is also a little tricky to germinate in the Aerogarden. (Basil is easy.)

Good luck!

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