LED Light panels

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LED Light panels

Where can I learn more about grow lights? Right now I'm using cfl's but I can buy 14 watt 225 led blue and red panels for around $30.00 but do they really work?


Greg Lev

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Thank you very much. I don't

Thank you very much. I don't know anything about them and want to learn before I purchase any.

I was thinking I could adapt 1 to one of my aerogardens and see if they would work.

Thanks again

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Hey, Greg, Most of what I've

Hey, Greg,

Most of what I've seen online about LED growing has been sales material, or contained insufficient detail. Peat showed a cucumber grow here, but that was truncated by a cleaning accident. Besides, cukes have proven awfully hard to grow hydroponically, for everyone on the board.

I'm itching to try out the LED lights, too. What are you going to grow with a 14 watter? By itself, I don't know whether 14W is strong enough for much. Maybe two of them...

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