New here, and a question:

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New here, and a question:

So I've been reading here on the board for a while, and I'm actually a poster at the too. I am actually growing alpine strawberries from seed in my classic AG right now with anticipation and patience, but I've noticed something on the boards here: A few people have started Alpines, and I love reading about them and seeing their photos, but no one has finished a grow to fruit. I'm just wondering how long the plants take to flower. I'm at about 6 weeks now on one of my plants. I've never grown strawberries before so this is a total experiment for me. Just wondering from past experience from other growers.

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Yes, stonecold has some

Yes, stonecold has some strawberry plants in AG and in grow bags..

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Hey, Shawn,

Hey, Shawn, welcome.

Stonecold hasn't been around lately, but he had a major AG strawberry plantation going. (I used the Search box at upper right on "strawberry".)

I suspect in general that people have either grown strawberries from seed in the AG, then moved them out before berries due to glacial slowness. Or planted strawberry plants in the AG, and got a little fruit, then moved them out due to glacial slowness. I haven't tried it, though.

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