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Hi all,

  I want chives!  Is it worth it in the ag or hydro generally?  I've seen all sorts of mixed results.  Should I just seed a 4" pot with soilless mix (and grow more fungus gnats)?  Also, I want to do a 32 oz bottle with a bubbler like I did last year (with the mini cabbage).  Any thoughts on a likely plant?  1 mini cabbage just wasn't satisfying.  It was fun and did well, though.  Can you tell I'm already tired of cold and dark weather?


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Chive grows well outside and

Chive grows well outside and my Mom's expand every year and come back so I would not grow it in AG.

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Chives like the cold... I

Chives like the cold... I have perennial chives outside in assorted containers. Pretty purple pom-poms in spring.

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