AG's back in action!

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AG's back in action!

Hi All,

Time for the ag's to be put back in action!  1 deluxe has basil agrowin'.  The work ag has lettuce started. And, pretty soon, try three for cucs in an ag!  Going to wait a bit until there is no chance for outside buggies to get in to the basement.  Also going to be trying mega cherry toms and jalapeno peps this fall!  Plus swiss chard and cucinos in soil-less potting mix and anything else that strikes my fancy.  Stay tuned-




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Yay! Nice to hear you

Yay! Nice to hear you getting psyched about the AG's again! Mine have been so sadly neglected over the summer... I am starting a Jet Star tomato and some mimulus flowers, but I need to get a bit more energetic than that. And the outdoor stuff is definitely on its last legs.

Especially looking forward to your indoor cukes! 

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