Replacing the AG bulbs

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Replacing the AG bulbs

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I always hem and haw about replacing the AG bulbs, don't want to spend money on it, etc. But! I just replaced my Pro100 bulbs for the first time since July. Big difference! Very visible change in light. And my bio PAR detectors (Korean red curl lettuce) agree - the lights are brighter. (The lettuce got redder overnight.)

Has anyone convinced themselves that 6 months (instead of the ~9 mos I've been averaging...) is really best?

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stonecold (not verified)
Hmm..  maybe save the old

Hmm..  maybe save the old bulbs for seed starting?

Orlando Jude (not verified)
I wondered about that.  It's

I wondered about that.  It's good to know.  Thanks for posting it.


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