New to Aerogaren, I have THREE Units. need seed kit setup advice

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New to Aerogaren, I have THREE Units. need seed kit setup advice


I recieved 3 Aerogardens for Christmas. 3 pod "Sprout", 6 pod Elite LED, 9 pod Bounty Elite Wifi.

I have quite a few seed kits and need some advice on which unit to plant each seed kit in (I wanted to mix some). Here are my initial thoughts after doing some reading on the different kits:

I've heard Lavender is difficult to grow indoors, so I thought I would try 3 of the 7 Lavender pods in my "Sprout" unit, in case some or all do not grow, I still have  pods left.

In my 9 pod Bounty, I have 6 pod Heirloom Salad Greens(medium growth), I considered adding 3 of my Gourmet Herb pods(kit of 9) to complete the 9 openings....

In my 6 pod Elite, I have a 3 pod Mini cherry tomato kit(medium growth). I've heard it's not good to crowd tomatoes, so should I leave the 3 extra openings empty or can I insert 3 more of my herb kit?

The 9pod herb kit has 2 Genovese Basil, 1 each of Thai Basil, Chives, Thyme, Dill, Mint, Curly Parsely & Italian Parsely.

I would prefer to plant the basils(tall), curlyParsley(short), Italian Parsley (tall), dill (tall)or Thyme (short) (chives and mint are less important to me)

Or should I plant my 6 pod lettuces in my 6 pod Elite, and put the 3 tomatoes in the Bounty and use 6 extra openings for herbs?

I know that I should put tall in the back, medium in middle or along sides and short in front. 

Does anyone have any advice as to if my plan sounds ok....or offer any alternatives?

Thank glad I found this forum!



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As far as the tomato crowding

As far as the tomato crowding issue goes, I'd probably leave the other pods empty.  I would probably also leave a few pods empty in the 9 pod unit where you plan to grow salad greens.  They get big and bushy, and when I grwe them in my 7 pod unit, I had wished I left a few slots open.

-Rhiannon R.