Transferring from aerogarden to soil

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Transferring from aerogarden to soil


I am using my system to start plants.Are there any tricks to make the transition to soil easier?Thanks for your help!

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We have just begun doing that

We have just begun doing that with Petunias.  I called up customer service and to my surprise they said not to plant them in large pots as the plants grow best when the roots are kept tight.  We used Miracle Grow Potting soil and made a hole into it that was large enough for the roots to just fit.  We were told to keep the soil very wet for the first week and then back off gradually.  Finally, gradually introduce them to real sunlight when the outside temperatures permit.  We are continuing to occassionaly add water spiked with the fertilizer they sell. Our petunias now look like something from Jurasic Park.