Outdoor Cukes 2014

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Planted 5 cuke varieties a couple weeks ago - none look happy. I also wrote down here on the website what I planted where, and lost that in the website fixing. So I'm not sure what is marginally surviving. The only 2 baby cukes that didn't get their leaves nibbled off underground, have pinhole damage to the seed leaves.

Winter Cukes 2013-2014

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Some of the cukes have sprouted - 2 socrates, 1 Korean. But I bought a new cuke seed this week - Cool Breeze - and added that to the pot, too. This is advertised as a 45 day self-pollinating cucumber Cheap, too... The hope is to have first cukes before New Year's. For now, the pot is in the living room to stay warm for germination.

Judith's Grow Log


After reading all the good stories here, and JessiJordon's enthusiasm, I'm now totally inspired to try different things in addition to my AG's. 

This is my new bubbler system.  A black 5 gallon bucket,  a  cover imbedded with a 12" mesh basket. A length of tubing attached to an airstone on one end and the simple aquairium pump on the other end.  Will be using Peat's formulas to feed.  I expect to change the water every 2-4 weeks.  Anyone have any advice on that?  

Hi All - I want to grow cucumbers!

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Hi All,


  I'm brand new to this forum (thanks Peat for pointing the way!).  I want to grow cucumbers!  I know I need an EC meter.  Any suggestions on which one to buy?  My first (failed) attempt to grow cucumbers was with salad bush hybrid.  Supposed to be full size cucs on 22" vines.  BUT it requires pollination.  I also have Cucino seeds.  Bite size cucs on full size plants.  No pollination needed.  I'll be growing in a deluxe with hydro fertilizer this time.  Which cuc would you pick to grow?




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