Aerogarden Ultra LED - First Grow Tomatoes and Greens

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Yay! Got my new AG Ultra LED and plugged it in tonight.

First planting: test run.

  • fantastico tomato for the long haul

Temporary test plants:

  • toy choi
  • komatsuna
  • Nevada summercrisp lettuce
  • Red Sails looseleaf lettuce

Started in 0.7 EC Urban Farm Fertilizers (UFF) veg formula in rainwater. Because that's what I fed my other AG's today. No special plan.

Aerogarden Lightscreen Cherry Tomato 2013

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 Le gasp. *Gisette* is trying a cherry tomato in an Aerogarden. Took me long enough, huh?  I want to show how the lightscreen works on a cherry tomato, since that's what most people have experience with. And a steadier, modest harvest would be nice. Full size tomatoes take an awfully long time per fruit.

Mel's Grow Logs


Well...first lesson learned today.  Be careful what button you hit!!  I typed out this big story and was just about to finish by inserting pics and I hit the wrong button and the page backspaced wiping out everything I'd already typed.  Doh!!  

So because I'm a very patient person (cough cough)...I'll start again...

Replacing the AG bulbs

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Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

I always hem and haw about replacing the AG bulbs, don't want to spend money on it, etc. But! I just replaced my Pro100 bulbs for the first time since July. Big difference! Very visible change in light. And my bio PAR detectors (Korean red curl lettuce) agree - the lights are brighter. (The lettuce got redder overnight.)

Judith's Grow Log


After reading all the good stories here, and JessiJordon's enthusiasm, I'm now totally inspired to try different things in addition to my AG's. 

This is my new bubbler system.  A black 5 gallon bucket,  a  cover imbedded with a 12" mesh basket. A length of tubing attached to an airstone on one end and the simple aquairium pump on the other end.  Will be using Peat's formulas to feed.  I expect to change the water every 2-4 weeks.  Anyone have any advice on that?  


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