Romaine has brown dried tips

My romaine is growing great in my farm plus but has brown tips. Does anyone know why? I've tried raising the lights a bit thinking the lights were drying them out but that has not helped. The romaine tastes great, however, and I'm getting a nice size salad every other day. 
Thanks for any input!

Totem tomato success

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Several months ago, I started seeds of two tomato varieties in my Classic Aerogarden (which has an extension arm so that raises the hood to 24”). The two varieties were Bush and Totem.  The Bush plant rapidly outgrew the Aerogarden and has not produced a single tomato.  The Totem plant, on the other hand, grew to a little over 24” (a little judicious pruning was required) and has produced several ripe tomatoes that have a diameter of 2-3 inches and have a very good tomato taste.

Failing again

I'm at my wit's end. I started a whole new AeroGarden Harvest with different types of basil. I have a Lemon basil plant, a few Napolitano basils, and 1 Marseille basil. Once again they all started out great. I cut them after the third set of leaves per the Aerogarden help info.  As they grow back, many of the leaves are yellow anda curling.

Garden Update

Lots of tomatoes growing in the Farm Pluses, some starting to turn red.  I’m still battling aphids on the pepper plants.  I started using Neem Oil as an insecticide, I found out about it on the web.  It seems more effective than what I was using, and it’s organic.  No peppers growing yet.  Having a big salad every other day from the two lettuce gardens.  

Wally R

Sloping Gardens

I’ve been using my Farm Plus gardens for a while now, and have noticed that plants on the left side of each garden seem to grow better than on the right side.  I already had a digital level, and I measured that the left side of the garden slopes down by an angle of about one degree.

Aphid Problem

My AG pepper plants that I was growing in the Sprout LEDs are really infested with aphids!  I didn’t know what they were at first, they don’t move and I didn’t expect aphids to be yellow based on the AG FAQ.  There’s no leaf damage.  I’ve noticed some on my poblano pepper and green pepper plants in the Farm Plus and on some Burpee pepper plants that just sprouted in the Bounty Elite.  I wiped off what I could and plan to spray with an alcohol/water/dishwashing liquid mixture per the Internet.

Tomatoes and Drain & Refill

I’ve had 2 gardens in my 2 Farm Pluses growing tomato plants for about 5 weeks.  Based on Ginger’s advice I’ve started changing the water in them every week, beginning a week ago.  I check EC and pH every day, and you can see that the water chemistry is going bad after about a week in that the pH starts dropping.

Garden Progress

I attached some pictures of my Farm Plus and Sprout LED gardens.  On the lower Farm Plus the lettuce garden on the left has bounced back from my pump problem, and the tomato/pepper garden on the right is producing its first tomato flowers, 25 days after planting. The upper Farm Plus is about a week behind the lower one.  I’ve been harvesting lettuce on the right, and the tomato plants on the left are growing nicely.  Between the two lettuce gardens I’m getting more than enough lettuce for a large salad for lunch every day.

Pump Problem

I tried to drain and refill the water from the left side lettuce garden on my Farm Plus and found that the pump wasn’t working.  On the Farm Plus, the pump is used to drain the basin.  I lifted up the deck on the garden and found that the roots were growing around the pump intake.  I cleared them from the intake and the pump started up.  I don’t know if the roots were plugging the intake or actually getting into the pump rotor.

Good Book

Ginger, I picked up a copy of your book “Indoor Salad”.  It’s a very good book, well written and full of useful information.  Based on its recommendations, I’ve lowered the target EC for my lettuce gardens to 1.7, I’d previously been aiming at 2.0.  I also changed the target pH from 6.0 to 6.5 for the lettuce.  The book is available in paperback for $15 on Amazon, and less if you have a Kindle.  Well worth it!

Wally R

Update on the Farm Plus

The attached photo shows the status of my Farm Plus.  As you can see, I added a second Farm Plus with the stacking kit.  The upper garden is fastened to the wall, as recommended to prevent tipping.  Everything has worked perfectly on both Farm Pluses.

The lower unit shows 17 days of growth.  I’ve already harvested my first side salad from the greens on the left.   On the right the tomatoes and the sweet peppers are doing nicely, but the poblano peppers haven’t sprouted yet.  Also, I slipped in a Burpee bushsteak tomato pod on the left, it hasn’t sprouted yet.  

A Fan for the Farm Plus

I’ve been measuring the air temperature under the LED lights on my Farm Plus.  What I found is that the temperature goes up to 86 to 88 F during the day with the lights on, going down to the mid 70s at night with the lights off.  The plants are in the early vegetative stage and the lights are in their lowest position, about 6 inches above the deck.  From what I’ve read, a temperature of 77 F is more appropriate, and 88 F is way too high.  

The Case for pH Down

I’ve been using AG nutrient for several months and have been measuring EC and pH.  What I’ve found is that is that if your EC is below 2.0, your pH is probably above 7.0.  This is shown in the attached graph, which is a composite of data from the Bounty Elite, Sprout LED, and Farm Plus.  The results should be relatively independent of the type of AG used since it is dependent on the water chemistry and not how much water is in the AG.  Peat’s Guide recommends pH values between 5.8 and 6.3 for AGs.  Based on these results I’ve started using pH Down to try to maintain a pH of 6.0.

The Education of an Indoor Gardener

I started with a Bounty Elite early in December 2017, to grow fresh herbs in my kitchen.  I live in a high rise condo with a northern exposure and there’s no other way to grow food.  I’ve expanded to a second Bounty Elite and 3 Sprout LEDs for more herbs and hot peppers.  The herbs are doing fine, the peppers are just getting started.

"Coffee Hydro"

We have two Bounties and a Sprout. Here's how we are extending our growing without adding more Aerogarden units. This also allows us to grow larger plants like rosemary and holy basil (tulsi) in the pictures. We do this in several way. The picture of two used coffee containers shows one way. We drill a hole in the lid so the pod fits. We also drilled a hole for a 1/4" air hose and add an air stone attached to an air pump. For now we sit them close to the Aerogarden unit. We have found that the lights can be used to extend the growing area around the Aerogarden.


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